Today’s #1 silver is now available to Canadians with perfect ease.

Finally, you can say goodbye
to border holdups, import taxes,
and brokerage fees!

Sold by a Canadian company
with Canadian staff
and shipped from Canada,
this is as Canadian as it gets.

Welcome to 2014, eh?


Structured Silver is…

  • A new liquid and gel for use with bacteria, viruses and mold.
  • Frequently described by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, including
    the 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance.
  • So safe you can drink it.
  • Health Canada approved with two Natural Product Numbers:
    #80,046,255 for the liquid and #80,046,265 for the gel.

“Sol” is a chemist’s word for ‘tiny pieces of a solid within liquid.’ A silver hydrosol is tiny pieces of silver within water. There are several hydrosols available on the market, but only one structured silver hydrosol: Thank You Silver.

Some Canadians seeking sols have outdated information and are still looking for 1990’s silver technology. However:

  • Thank You Silver is more effective than older forms of silver. (Learn more here.)
  • Thank You Silver is competitively priced despite outperforming other silvers ($39 for 16oz of Thank You Silver, compared to $52 or more for other less effective silvers.)
  • Save even more on Thank You Silver with volume discounts, down to $26 per bottle.
  • This Beginner’s Guide has great application tips and answers to common questions.